Electronic Visa for Kuwait

on 28 March 2021

Kuwait Tourist Visa

The electronic visa (eVisa) for Kuwait is available for travelers of a number of nationalities who plan to visit the Gulf state as tourists.

The Kuwait eVisa allows the holder a single entry to the country and enables them to stay for up to 90 days.

It can be obtained via a simple online eVisa application form. The foreign traveler must answer a series of questions and enter some basic information such as their contact details and passport number.

This usually takes a matter of minutes to complete and can be done from the traveler’s home or office, which means that they do not have to arrange an appointment at a Kuwaiti embassy to get their visa.

The processing time for a Kuwait eVisa is between one (1) and three (3) business days. Once approved, the eVisa is sent to the traveler by email.

Kuwait Visa Requirements by Nationality

Visitors from the following countries are eligible to apply for a Kuwait eVisa:
  • Andorra - Australia - Austria - Belgium

  • Bhutan - Brunei - Bulgaria - Cambodia

  • Canada - Czech Republic - Denmark

  • Estonia - Finland - France

  • Georgia - Germany - Greece

  • Hong Kong - Hungary - Iceland

  • Ireland - Italy - Japan

  • Korea South - Laos - Latvia

  • Liechtenstein - Lithuania - Luxembourg

  • Malaysia - Malta - Monaco

  • Netherlands - New Zealand - Norway

  • Poland - Portugal - Republic of Cyprus

  • Romania - San Marino - Singapore

  • Slovakia - Slovenia - Spain

  • Sweden - Switzerland -Turkey

  • The United Kingdom - United States - Vatican City

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Visit Visa for Relatives

Immediate family members and other relatives who reside in other countries can visit family members currently living in Kuwait. No eligibility or criteria is required. As long as you have a proof of relationship, you can definitely visit with your Kuwait Visit Visa.

The required documents for a family visit visa are:

Proof of relationship or kinship

Copy of the visitor’s valid passport

Original and copy of the civil ID of the sponsor (or the family who resides in Kuwait)

Recent salary certificate for foreign sponsor

 The procedures for obtaining a family visit visa:

Go to the Kuwait Embassy in your country and submit the required documents for a family visit visa listed above.

Fill the service application form (Visa Application Form). Click this link to download the forms here.

Pay the fees due. Family visit visa application costs a flat fee of 3KD.

 At least KD450.00 per month if the sponsor works for the government

At least KD650.00 per month if the sponsor works in the private sector

Last Updated: 22 April 2022
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