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on 28 March 2021

Visitors and tourists who wish to visit Qatar can issue tourist visas through some easy steps.  Such visas can be obtained through employer, hotels or Qatar Airways, upon one's nationality and the requirements of each.


Tourist Visa (Upon and Before Arrival)

Nationals of more than 80 countries are eligible for visa-free entry into the State of Qatar upon their arrival, with varying allowable lengths of stay. This visa can also be issued online prior to travel.

  - For more information on the countries of which citizens can apply for this visa, 

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 Traveler eligible for visa-free entry into Qatar - Countries list, from the National Tourism Council website.


  • Sign up or Sign in using your email and password.
  • Enter the request details and attach all the required documents including:
  • Passport information (bio/picture page)
  • A passport-sized photo
  • Airline Ticket (Qatar Airways passengers are not required to submit their ticket copy)
  • Hotel confirmation voucher / relevant documents for place of stay in Qatar
  • Follow all the necessary steps, pay fees and submit your request.


Important Information

- Applications can be made a maximum of 90 days or minimum of four (4) working days prior to travel.

- The passport should be valid for at least six (6) months from the date of entry in Qatar.

- It is not possible to use this service while applying for children who are endorsed on their parents' passport.

You can upload the following additional documents to strengthen your application:

  •  Documents showing investments of USD $8,000 at least.
  • Income tax papers showing an annual gross income of USD $8,000 at least.
  • Evidence of travel in the last five (5) years to any of the following countries: Qatar, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Schengen countries, USA or UK.


- Fee payment can be made with Visa/MasterCard (Debit) or (Credit) only.

- Once the application is submitted, applicants will be contacted via email within 48 hours with a response to their visa application.


Apply for visa online with Qatar Airways 

To apply online, you must have a valid and confirmed air ticket to Qatar. If you have booked your ticket with Qatar Airways, you can start the application process by logging in to 'My Trips' and retrieving your booking. You can then apply for a tourist visa for the relevant portion of your journey.

Once you click 'Apply for a visa', your booking information will be shared with VFS to initiate the application, where you will be able to select the names of the passenger(s) applying for a visa and proceed with providing the relevant details, documents and payment information required to process the application.

Alternatively, you can visit VFS Global and apply by clicking on the button below.

Apply now (VFS Global Website)


Last Updated: 22 April 2022
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