World Time Zone and Current Time

on 09 July 2021

List of Time Zones and UTC Time Offsets. World Time Zones and current time around the World.
Abbr. Name UTC offset Real TIME AND DATE
CET Central European Time UTC+01
EET Eastern European Time UTC+02
AST Arabia Standard Time UTC+03
IRST Iran Standard Time UTC+03:30
GST Gulf Standard Time UTC+04
AFT Afghanistan Time UTC+04:30
PKT Pakistan Standard Time UTC+05
IST Indian Standard Time UTC+05:30
NPT Nepal Time UTC+05:45
BST Bangladesh Standard Time UTC+06
ICT Indochina Time UTC+07
WST Western Standard Time UTC+08
JST Japan Standard Time UTC+09
ACST Australian Central Standard Time UTC+09:30
AEST Australian Eastern Standard Time UTC+10
NCT New Caledonia Time UTC+11
NZST New Zealand Standard Time UTC+12
TOT Tonga Time UTC+13
LINT Line IslandsTime UTC+14
GMT Greenwich Mean Time UTC±00
CVT Cape Verde Time UTC−01
FNT Fernando de Noronha Time UTC−02
ART Argentina Time UTC−03
NST Newfoundland Standard Time UTC−03:30
AST Atlantic Standard Time UTC−04
EST Eastern Standard Time (North America) UTC−05
CST Central Standard Time (North America) UTC−06
MST Mountain Standard Time(North America) UTC−07
PST Pacific Standard Time(North America) UTC−08
AKST Alaska Standard Time UTC−09
HST Hawaii–Aleutian Standard Time UTC−10
SST Samoa Standard Time UTC−11
IDLW International Day Line West time zone UTC−12
Last Updated: 11 July 2021
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