Manama City

on 11 July 2021
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Manama is the capital city of Bahrain. It is also the largest city in Bahrain, having almost 200.000 residents.


Manama has been a city since at least the 1300s, when it was mentioned in Islamic books. It was owned by Portugal from 1521 to 1602, by Persia from 1602 to 1783, and by the Al-Khalifa family for a long time after that. In 1971, Manama became the capital city of Bahrain.

Areas of Manama

The city is divided into a few parts:

  • The Diplomatic Area has most of the banks and government offices. This area is very important, because most of Bahrain's economy is connected to banks.
  • Gudabiya is the oldest area of the city, and it has the building where the parliament meets.
  • Hoora is where most visitors go. There are many parties in the clubs here at night.

Time in Manama:

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Important Numbers:

In case of emergency in Bahrain, please contact:
    National Emergency Call Center: 999
    Traffic Police 199
    Emergency – Criminal Investigations (CID) 992
    Emergency – Coast Guards (CGD) 994
    Electricity and water emergencies: 17515555

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Manama is the capital city of Bahrain.

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Manama City Coordinates

Longitude and Longitude: 50.5832000, 26.2153600

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