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5 Tips for buying travel insurance

on 17 March 2021

There’s no doubt that having travel insurance is critical when it comes to staying protected while we’re away from home. It provides a safety net so that you can enjoy traveling with confidence as it’s designed to cover big financial risks.

The following explains how to determine what type of travel insurance plan you need.

● Figure out what coverage you need. Are you traveling internationally? Will your health insurer cover you if you need medical care? Are you taking multiple flights? Do you have travel insurance on your credit card? Once you figure out your risks and protection, you can purchase the right level of travel insurance.

● Compare multiple companies and policies to find the best one for you. There are many websites with comparison charts. You’ll also want to make sure that consumers rate these companies highly. Don’t settle for a low-cost policy with a company with poor customer service. That’s the last thing you need when you’re in the middle of a crisis.

● Research what coverage you already have. Do your credit cards have a comprehensive travel protection plan? Do you need to buy one with extensive medical coverage or will your current health insurance cover you for treatment in the location of your trip? All of these things can save you money if you don’t need the deluxe plan because you’ve got coverage elsewhere.

● Check with travel agents. Travel agents usually offer the opportunity to purchase a policy for their trips. Most of the time, they will provide it through the company with which they’re booking your trip. Beth Bahr, a travel agent in Florida who specializes in Disney World vacations, said she offers it to every client. “For me, I only offer through the company being booked,” Bahr said.

●  Check with airlines and other vacation-related companies. Most major companies book airline tickets and other vacations will offer you the chance to purchase travel insurance. There are also outside companies that can help. For example, Disney offers insurance with a generous cancellation policy. “Until final payment, you can cancel your package when you have booked rooms and Disney park tickets together and get the $200 deposit back. Once the final payment is due at 30 days before arrival, a guest can cancel until 48 hours before arrival and get everything back minus the $200 deposit. However, if during that 30 days, they have insurance and they have a covered reason, then they can cancel and get everything back, including the $200, minus the cost of insurance,” she said.


Last Updated: 17 March 2021
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